What? no no why with me :(. Same words came into my mind when i got shocking news that made my day awful. I was working on data retrieving process in LaTeX, to check whether i was doing good or not i planed to meet Rai sir and showed him what i had done yet. I told Rai sir that i was getting problem in applying IF-ElSE condition in latexdb than he said why i was doing this everything was available in souvenir package why i was wasting my  time. I numbed for a while and checked my software package but i didn’t found anything like that and i also checked what Rai sir mailed me regarding my software but i found nothing. Rai sir told me to show my software package  to him. When i showed he shocked too. Data retrieving software not available in that package AAWwwwhhhhh!!!!. He immediately put an e-mail on GD so that someone who worked on souvenir before should provide that package. Until reply not come, till than i have to work on imposition of pdf files using LaTeX. Such a bad day for me. CRAP! 😦 :@ :-X.