Django your time is off, LaTeX your time is now. Yes! Django related work on my project is almost over. It’s time to deal with LaTeX. First time when i heard about LaTeX i thought now what kind of crap is this. After doing work on it, all my crapness vanish. LaTeX IS AWESOME. It’s my bad that i though LaTeX was crap. Question arises what is LaTeX? In short it is some what like MS-Word but not like it. Haha 😀 CONFUSED?

Check this out and find out why latex is best than word
latex and word differnce

You can download latex by using command

$ sudo apt-get install texlive-full

It’s size is about 2Gb 😦 so big. Let’s see one example

Go to terminal > choose your favorite editor (gedit, vim etc.) > save file as abc.tex [ Here “abc” is your file name and “.tex” is your file formant similar like .txt or .php ] > to get an output as pdf file type command $ pdflatex abc.tex > to see that pdf file type $ evince abc.pdf
 Screenshot from 2013-06-30 21:51:29           Screenshot from 2013-06-30 21:52:58

In this i showed basic formant and in other picture i showed it’s output. Isn’t it good. So now my new target is to learn about LaTeX and i am already ON. Yesssssss!!!!!

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