Today’s day was awesome. I learned so many things and even i successfully run my project on django 1.4.5 and it is running  perfectly. At the time of install i was getting same error as at the time of installing it on django 1.5.1. Error is like this NO MODULE NAME REGISTER
FILE OR DIRECTORY ACCOUNT/REGISTER NOT AVAILABLE. I planned to change my mail from as i was using EXMI4, i discard it and shifted to POSTFIX. After installing that error removed and now it is working nicely. There may be a possibility next time when i move to django 1.5.1 that error remove.
Next thing what i learned today is LateX. I made one heart shape document i’e the output displayed in heart shaped. I want to do something more i.e i learned how to give input and how to get output but i want something more. I thought i there is any possibility that i can use SPELL CHECKER  and SPELL CORRECTOR in LaTex. I start doing search. I was not able to find for LaTex but i found these things for VIM or VI EDITOR.

1.    To Check Spellings use

:set spell

2.     To Correct Spellings

Move to error location by using ” ] + S ”
Move previous error location by using ” [ + S ”
To change error use ” Z + = ”

I learned new things by myself yipeeee !!! Seriously leaning by own-self is best thing. No need to take help from others, help yourself and success will touch your feet every single second.   To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀