Today i was very much disappointed from myself. I never feel so bad before. Reason behind this is that i was working on my project from last 4 days but i was not able to complete it in deadline that i was marked for it. I was working on SOUVENIR. I am trying to install it on Django 1.5.1 but unfortunately due to various changes in 1.5.1 version it’s all syntax changed. I done changes  according to new version requirement.  The thing is not that i was not able to done anything. I installed it on django 1.5.1 even it was running properly but only one feature was not working i.e registration. Whenever i entered data as a user and  click on register button it displays an error.Screenshot from 2013-06-25 16:08:39

After searching a lot for that error i was able to solve that error but obstacle in my path still present :(. New error ariseScreenshot from 2013-06-24 17:04:50

This error solved too :). Now you thinking why i was disappointed? Next error which i am going to share with you is the reason for my disappointment. After solving previous error new error arises error was like this “ NO REGISTRATION MODULE,  FILE NOT AVAILABLE ACCOUNTS\REGISTER.” This time my search fails so i planned to put my error on GD but in vain. NO ONE REPLIED. I loose my patience and next day i put same error on django-groups mailing list within an hour someone replied. I was so happy that someone is here for me. But that happiness i just like blink of an eyes. New arises :(. I imminently put that error on django mailing list, next day some replied but no luck error still there. My parter ill, i have no mentor, no replies on GD where i go now? I took help from Santiderpal Singh and Sandeep Kaur but we are not able to solve that error :(. So i planned to move on Django 1.4.5. It is working like a piece of butter moving in a hot pan. Even mail serve installed too and registration mail sending.

Whether i was not working on django 1.5.1 but i am not going to shut this chapter. After completing work on django 1.4.5 i am going to start work on django 1.5.1. Until or unless that target not achieved i am not going to stop.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”