Yesssssssssss!!! After the completion of installation process “SOUVENIR” on django 1.5.1 fulling so proud on myself. Yeah! man me here the one who did that. But without any obstacle in path i think my day didn’t pass. All of you thinking installation completed now what? After installation i planned to make documentation. By my this decision i suffered hectic day.

Let me tell you everything in MOVIE style:

Dee start doing his documentation with full  excitement. Heart beat looks excited too take a look /-\-/-\-/-\-/-\-/-\ —————-. Waho! Waho! what happened ahem! ahem! “ERROR OCCURRED” :(. Ohh okay i thought he completed his task without an error. It’s a common thing not a big deal haha :). He just started his documentation error occurred all this due to De-hydration haha just joking. While preparing his documentation he looked at his souvenir just to check how it works. When he checked  he shocked because 2-3 commands like delete user and save location not working. Showing error ” __init.d__()take exactly 1 argument (4 given). Now what is this. Is Souvenir making troll of him? Time to find out. This is one more thing which is changed in django 1.5.1. Django 1.5.1 passes 1 argument instead of 4 arguments as in 1.4.1 or in 1.3.4. He removed that error with the help of you can say “BY CHANCE  PROCESS.”  He moved to error position and by chance he deleted 2-3 lines and save the file when he refresh his page MIRACLE! MIRACLE! error gone. He do same process with other yes error removed.

Take 2

He start doing his documentation again i think this time he gonna complete it without any error finger crossed. CRAP! finger break. “ERROR”? exactly :). After his documentation completed  to check whether it worked or not to planned to install. But he forgot that if he do this his default settings for installed souvenir mix up and nothing gonna work. Sssshhh don’t tell him let’s see what happen. His installation completes he looks excited  it’s output. Wait stop him stop him why he’s punching his pillow. I think you all know what happen “—” Yes!
Both souvenir’s settings mix up. Poor Dee. Later on he learned what he did. He solved everything within an hour or less great. And now everything normal. I think he’s  planning to run his documentation to his fellow’s machine. See what happen. Yes! it run yes he did it. Finally he did it. Congratulation  Dee.


Yo man after the completion of documentation i’m in great ecstasy to run it on other’s machine. Finger crossed hope for best. I Start learning shell scripting for my next task which is already alloted to me by my “GURU”.  I know this gonna work. I know my hard-work not wasted. I faced so many problems till now but i’m happy every single problem wasted away. Now every-time when i tackle with an error or any other problem i welcomed it happily.AS my “GURU” said,” If you tackle with a problem accept it happily because it’s your time to solve it. ” These words inspired me always gonna use this formula for whole life.