Day is about to over. Feeling relaxed little bit not so much. Finally, my challenge which i do with myself completed. I install souvenir 2013 on Django version 1.5.1. I’m struggling for this to complete from last 4 days. Finally, the outcome is turned out what i had planned :). Happy 🙂 🙂 :).
I waste so many days on this because new version Django 1.5.1 is  changed. As compared to previous version which i used like Django 1.3.4 and Django 1.4.1  there is little bit difference but task to find that difference is very challenging. Various changes like  direct_to_template changed into TemplateViews and  after every url we have to put every stuff in single inverted commas eg: {% url ‘ response.html’ %}. It’s not easy task i  have to change this at various places. This is the reason every-time i tackle with new error. I claim that much errors i found no one can. Every-single line is an error for me but i solved each and every single error with little bit help of my new friend SANDY. Thanks Sandy di.
Why i am not feeling so relaxed because when i showed my project to my “GURU” he said good you did it but it’s easy task. Me was like okay so what my next task is ?  He said wrote this program through scrap process and immediately my soul spoke ” i committed, i wanna suicide. ”  C’mon all this by using scrap method. Okay new challenge in front of me CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. God help me. Hope for best. Best of luck to me _/\_