I haven’t posted nothing for last 3 days because i’m waiting for right time, yes! right time. Lets roll back to my past com’on there will be a great fun learn my tragedies, my sacrifice, what i gained and lose :-


After my “GURU” hand over me my project, questions start arising in my mind whether i am able to complete it or not, if not than what happen. All these negative thoughts made me tensed  AAwwwhhhh!!!. After discussing from my seniors, what my project really is ? i felt it would be interesting.
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!. Next day i started installation process upto 10-11 steps i was okay, but my buddy ( OBSTACLE ) arieses from hell, knocked my doors of heaven. Happiness lost within in a second :-(. ERROR: No Fixtures Found arises never listened before, i thought  it was a part of installation me continued. When it completed me replied  huh i was so easy task but it wasn’t it just started. I started searching error on various sites for solutions, what i found nothing. I think no one get this error ever before i was the first victim haha 🙂

Take 2

After searched alot i gain nothing. So i planned to re-install my ubuntu, i thought maybe this process work. Okay all set, installation begun. After spending 3 hours on installation, all softwares which ever i needed i install on my machine like apache2, php, mysql and main phpmyadmin as i was part of my work , here where i can store my database. Installation begun again CRAP! same error occured again. Again started searching for same error.

Take 3

One of my fellow also working on django application as i was used in my software also, he had a problem in his installation process too, when he was discussing his problem with my “GURU. At that time i learned his steps of installation and site from where he took help. I searched it on google ” DJANGO TUTORIALS”. For the sake  of satisfaction i too planned to install django instead of all installing whole application. My purpose was to check whether it worked or not. I start following steps written on that site one by one. After few minutes it was on my machine fully installed without any error. When i run it on my localhost it displayed.
yeah!! little bit success in my pocket

Take 4

4th day same situation nothing worked properly, i planned again to start process from beginning one more time. It was my 5th try, Yes! 5th try i suffered a lot. Gained nothing nothing.

Take 5
When i saw everything i’m doing is according to manual provided to me so where the mistake was ? I planned to concatenate django app. (which i installed for checking purpose)  with original data. This time i completed much more steps than  expectations pretty much impressed. But this is bundles of error invented too. Totally fed up totally, searched error solution one solution said update your django vversion to 1.5.1 instead of 1.2.1 AS IT WAS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PYTHON 2.7. What the hell what’s going on ? After that i continued my process without any progress because i’m out of my mind and address. Address ? Yes! that was the problem i gave wrong address, one problem solved no fixture found gone but 3 more came haha :-(. I solved one error gave me two, i solved two he gave me 4 aaawwhhH!!

Take 6

What to do next ? How problem gonna solved. I started compiling everything from beginning ” if software was made in python 2.6 it used django 1.2.1 ” but i’m using 1.5.1 it was compatible with 2.7 python. Ohhhhhh yesss!! that was the major problem. I found yes I found. I consult with my “GURU”  should i go for previous version he gave me green signal. Than what DEE’s on work i installed django 1.3.4 and ran it on python 2.7 it worked. I remove my previous installations and start installation from beginning. It was my 7th try, i don’t want 8th award sry i fed up. I go step bt step installation process hahahahahahaha 😀 IT WORKED YES MAN IT WORKED. Success in my hand, great feeling mann can’t express in words only you have to imagine.

I tried 7 times but i failed but 8th is mine 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
I show my progress report to my “GURU”. Can’t forget his words he said:
” can you see these to boys ( me and my partner ) they are looking so happy why because they achieved success after lot of failure. This is what i want from each and every one of you. THAT SUCCESS SMILE ”

HATS OFF MY “GURU” _/\_ Bless Me Always
🙂 🙂