Second day begun with same feeling, same excitement but i haven’t completed my work yet what my “GURU” gave me crap!. I completed my web page still local server not yet installed. I saw everyone trying to install web server, me took part to. 😦 why sad ? yes you right obstacles i don’t know why he love me. INTERNET not working. Than i learned me not only victim everyone was. Everyone trying to connect to Internet but failed.  Miracle happened Internet started. Wait a second, me only connected to Internet feel like a boss. I immediately start searching for application and downloaded it by using command   sudo apt-get install apache2  apache installed. For surity i ran it on my web browser it type localhost it displayed IT WORKS.  After installation i searched how to link my created web page so that whenever i open localserver it display my create html page. I found it easily.
Use various steps to do same:
1.) go to file system > etc > apache2 > sites-available > copy default file name it abc
2.) open abc file  change DocumentRoot   path where-ever it exists like mine on   /home/dee/Desktop/web
3.) change directory path too i.e //home/dee/Desktop/web/
(NOTE: ‘/’ will come at  the end of directory path, but in directory root )
4.) create new html page name it as “index.html”

<meta http-equiv=”REFRESH” content=”0;url=xyz.html”>      ( xyz is your main html page )

5.)  put that created html page in folder where your main page exists
6.) open terminal ( Ctrl+Alt+T) > type command sudo a2ensite site && sudo a2dissite default and restart apache2 by tying command
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

After this i opened web browser type address “http://localhost/apple.html” it displayed my own web page. Two things, one html page and second web-server i know how to deal with them.