Day Begun,  i woke up clear sky, fresh air, birds moving here and there in the search for food :-/ Wait a second what i’m typing :-/ ?
Irritated nah! same happened with me. Working on my apache web-server i done something wrong crap! it stop working, totally messed up, full of tension what to do next. Search a lot on Internet not getting best result. So i planned to un-install apache2 i type command in terminal sudo apt-get remove apache2. I thought it removed and install it again by typing same installation command sudo apt-get install apache2. After installation i ran local-sever again but it failed. Fed up totally fed up, start doing another task after  few minutes our “GURU” came and he assigned me my project YES! my two weeks training project and assigned me my mentor  Satindejit Singh. My project name is ” YAADEIN”. Our task is to install it and run it on our local-server.

Excited full excited Yes! i got my project. YAADEIN no no it’s not a movie not a song too, it’s is software. My mentor hand over me my project, copied it on my machine, and i started installing process. I just completed my 4-5 steps after my buddy arises from the core of hell, start poking me with a hell lot of errors. Firstly apache no working now this. So i planned to re-installed ubuntu.
After wasting my 3 hours on installing and updating i again started installation process i.e django. This time apache2 worked too.

Same day i got seminar on networking by our senior vikas. Quite interesting so much to learn from it. Day over, huh i won again obstacles  u can’t beat me 🙂 🙂