Yes! Yes! My training first day finally begins. The day i’m waiting from so long time is here. First day, full of enthusiasm, great feeling can’t explain in words. Me and My friends reached at traning place waiting for our “GURU”. After half he came and gave us task ‘create a website , install web-server on laptop and run on it. (y) CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I immediately jump to my laptop and start searching web-sites. I have little bit knowledge about HTML i.e how to create a simple web pages. I created a simple web page haha 🙂 why i’m laughing ? cos page i created displaying  “HELLO” jus hello. So i planed to make a new web page, page which look professional. So i decided to make web-page on fictitious bakery shop. I named it Espresso Cafe & added details like what kind of food, beverages, etc available. I saw on my fellow page, his page title is moving, i searched it on Internet i found new command ” <marquee>”  i applied YeaH! i worked.
I think no work i possible without obstacles ,FINALLY obstacle found me as his next victim. I tried to add background color to my page obstacle won, i tried to add pictures to my page again he won, i tried to put various headings at central position aawhhh! again he won. He thought he can beat me nah! never ever. I started searching problem, gotcha, problem found, it is syntax problem

For center position instead of using <h1 center> i used < h1 align=”center”>
For background color i used <body bgcolor=”red”>
For adding pictures i used <img src=”abc” title=”xyz” width=1280 height=600 /> instead of <img src=”abc”> alone

Huh obstacles beneath my knees problem solved. Finally i created my page and it worked properly. First day finished i learned so much others learned it in 2-3 days i learned within few hours. Great feeling again can’t explain in words.