How To Create A Simple Website ?

Creating A Website Is Not A Big Deal. Anyone Can Create His/Her Own Website In Html. Here I Told You How To Create A Website In Open Source (UBUNTU).

What We Need ?

It’s Just Simple Task

  • In Ubuntu, Go To Your Search Option (Lying Left Top Corner Of Your Machine Screen)
  • Search “Text Editor”
  • Start Writing HTML Codes In It
  • After Getting Job Done Save Page As “abc.html” (here abc represents Your File Name )



Various HTML Codes Are Used During Making Any Web Pages. All These Codes Should Written In V Brackets I.e “< >”. What Ever Written In Between These Brackets Called as “TAGS”. Each Tag Has Opening And Closing. Opening Tag Written With Simple V Brackets eg: <html> And Closing Tags Begins With Forward Slash ” / ” eg: </html>. If Any Tag Opened It Must Be Closed  (Expect few Like <br>, <hr /> etc. )


Let’s See This Line:

<title>My First Project</title>

What Ever Written In Between Two Tags i.e Opening And Closing Tag Is Known As Elements. Element Is Just A Text Lines.




<title>My First Web Page</title>



<h1>This Is My First Web Page</h1>

<p>This Is My First Web Page, I Have Ever Made And I Proud Of It</p>




This Is My First Web Page

This Is My First Web Page, I Have Ever Made And I Proud Of It

Various Code Meanings

  • <html> – Used At The Beginning And End. This Shows As HTML Page
  • <head> – Head Is Written Before “Title” And Closed After “Title”
  • <title> – title Represents The Title Of Your Page
  • <body> – Body represents The Body Of Page Where We Write Data For Display It As An Output 
  • <h1> – Is Used To Provide Headings. Number Of Headings Given In Single Page
  • <p> – Is Used For Writing Paragraph