Adding spices to dxfrwInterface

Gagan’s dxfrwInterface was capable just to read the line i.e it read the start and end points of the line. Jasvir has also used that library and implemented the circle. I cloned his repository and have added the other entities such as point, ellipse, arc. Now it is ready to read the five entities.
Polyline implementation is on the way.  It was able to read vertices x and y. But facing problems in reading bulge, , the start and end point and unable to locate the external points x and y.
Also, the user will work obviously on more than layer but till now I am unable to find some functionality implemented this way. Soon will get my hands on it. My target is to soon make these entities capable of reading and writing in corduroy.
Hoping for the best :)

Working with libdxfrw

Today when I reached TCC found everyone was sitting outside as there was function in the TCC hall. I was all ready to use the libdxf file as suggested by the Sir yesterday. I was set that by hook or crook I need to use and implement the things using dxflib today only!

Suddenly I was remembered of the Jasvir and Gagan’s mail. Jasvir and Gagan had done some of the work on dxf. I went to Gagan’s Repo, cloned and installed the things but it gave me an error. I called Gagan and he told one of the libraries libdxf 0.57 needs to be installed.

After that I asked Jasvir, he told that line and circle had been implemented. Disussed with Hitesh and planned to embed more of the entities like arc, ellipse, polyline etc. Only the file named implementation.cpp needs to changed.

After that there was a some test called SkillWill, just went for that and continued with my work:)

Line number 1296 trick

I was through with dxf file. I had read and was satisfied that I have understood the things. I learnt how to read the code and the code for each entity was at line number 1296.

Now the testing began! What I did was doing chose the co-ordinates randomly and saved it in .crd extension. It was all done to understand the work-flow of the things. After that converted into .flt but it gave ccw error, the error symbolized that the co-ordinates need to be clockwise direction. Corrected the things and it worked smoothly.

I also tried to implement the code for the boundary in Felt and was able to do that. Now thought to generate a triangular mesh and was done with that too.

The next thing was to run the .flt file in Qcad, converted the Felt file to dxf and that worked out in Qcad. After all this talked to Sir and discussed the things with him. He told there is no need to do lot of mess, simply use libdxf lib and you would be able to handle the things.

I feel very much lucky to do this project. Getting to learn new and newer things. All seems really interesting!

Seminar Day

Seminars are always scheduled to be held on Saturdays. Mostly todays Seminars consisted of GD-Re-entry tasks. The students who were to give presentation today were:

1) Satwant, she gave the presentation on solving the simultaneous equations using Skyling method. It was not upto the mark but she was given a chance to prove her again the coming Saturday.

2) Darshpreet, Jagmeet, Navdeep: Task was regarding FEM, They showed the wonderful video regarding FEM on you tube, They accomplished their tasks well. Along with FEM task, told about differential equations and are in GD for completing their task.

3) Balpreet, presented  whatever she has done till now related to the Civil coding for load balancing as well discussed the problems.

4) Sameer Pujani: Explained the working of his Syllabus management system using WordPress.

5) Gurjit Mehta gave presentation on Front-End Development, told that Front-End-Development is about giving life to a design, we can’t imagine a website without it, need to stay updated for latest technologies, JS is inconsistent but JQuery resolves cross platform problems, Geo Locations are very very important.
Also there was lot of discussion regarding the word Cascading in Css.

Date with dxf ;)

Today I decided to completely go through the dxf file. It was too huge with too many lines of code and was not sure from where to start and what to read. I thought to talk to Hitesh as he have wonderful of ways of learning the thinks. He told to break the lines of code, delete by line by line see the changing results. As if we draw line by hit and trail we need to find where the whole code can be stored for that particular entity.
The piece of code contained something like layer by, removed the whole layer by part and when I saw the result nothing was drawn.
Then I commented the things line by line enclosed within the layer by part. I also got to know how the thickness of line can be changed. It was approximately 2500 lines of code. I adopted a trick first saved the default file of qcad , then made wrote code for drawing different entities like line, circle and compared with the default file using the diff command.
I am done with the dxf work heading forward towards next step. I know the paths what to follow but do not know how to follow. Now confused whether to save the point in dxf then save in .crd and then covert to .flt or to to generate a mesh in .flt and again convert to dxf and show in qcad. Thinking to do experiments.

QCAD Successfully Installed

Today finally I was done with the installation of QCAD. My system just
broke down today :(. I was disappointed as already compilation of QCAD
was lagging behind and then my system. I hate these GRUB errors x-(

But everything happens for the reason. After installing the OS again
when I upgraded it I saw some of the packages being installed related
Qt 5.2.1, I just understood the error after up-gradation removed all
the Qt 5.2.1 packages and then ran qmake in qcad directory and all
worked out!

After installing it I continued with my work :).

QCAD Qt Conflict ;)

Today there was some TCS seminar as I was late I thought I missed
something :(. I went to Sir asking for it he said that it doesn’t matter
and even the reviews by other GD members too illustrated that :).

Sir pointed out for my incomplete daily diary. I just went into the
shock that how I can forget to do such an important work. I have set
the alarm now to write my daily diary really daily :P.

After compiling QCAD on Qt 4.8.2 , I tried to run it on 5.3.1, there
was one error after removing that it worked out. But when I again
tried to run it on 4.8.2, it gave me hell lot of errors, Charu
suggested me to remove some files and then try , but again it didn’t
worked and now it was not even working on Qt 5. Compiled it again :(.

Also, there were the discussions regarding eCAD too. I will be part of
that also now. Right now examining QCAD source:)

New Work QCAD

After a long leave of 6 days I was back. I asked for the directions to
the Sir to proceed further. Sir commanded to compile and install QCAD
to that its functionality can be implemented in FElt and I worked as
per Sir’s commands. But installing QCAD was not a smooth process for

While compiling I got so many errors and one was regarding Qt. QCAD
does not have the script bindings support for Qt 5.2.1, it supports
4.8.2 and 5.3.x Installing Qt have already consumed lot of my time :(
and I was scared of this error. I was not getting the errors at that
time, I compiled it two times but no Luck!
Screenshot from 2014-09-04 00:12:48