Vim vs Sublime.

I was little tensed as the deadline for Souvenir was quite near. For consectively four days I was stuck with image uploading feature. With little bit help of Hitesh finally had my hands on it. But yet was not done with something like image cropping tool. I wanted to have some feature in which one uploads the picture, it is uploaded with name of one’s roll no (2291.png) and also it should automatically adjust to the size of approximately 50kb. My thursday’s journey was also quite beautiful. Also, there was a presentation on GRASS by Civil students. Even Sir asked to prepare it again but by CSE/IT students too. There was little discussion on Vim too. I must say that on an average I personally use Vim and Sublime editor equally. If one minute I am using Sublime and the other minute I find myself working on Vim. Sir pointed me as I was not with Sage Math work but I will definitely do it and these past days I was busy with Souvenir :(

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Sat down and code ;)

Recovering after three days I came and was feeling like that I haven’t touched my laptop for years. As there was some event in TCC were alloted OS Labs to work on. The Internet speed in the labs was quite good and all team mates gathered around me. I made all my team members sat down, I too sat in the center and started working. Really sitting down made to work us more amazingly. It was like all the great hackers were sitting and discussing something great. Looking at us everyone sitting in the room sat down and started working. This is what I call enjoyable learning :P. Even I got very good output of Satwant and Ravina. I gave little more work to them on imposition in Latex. I too discussed the Kirt project with Kamal. Discussed about Sass and our front page is approximately complete :)

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Burden Time Start

There was heavy burden on me as the deadlines were approaching very near. I had to cope up with the six weeks Souvenir project, the two new girls who wanted to learn web development and even my FElt project was lagging behind ( I didn’t even started yet :( ). Firstly I gave work to Souvenir team to make .pdf file and see the workflow how the data can be retrieved. There is lot of improvement in the way of working, they have all started asking, sharing their work on GD. Also, Satwant gave the presentation on Latex. It was quite good, she is preceding efficiently. There was little discussion that if CSS can serve the purpose of making a pdf without involving heavy downloads then why to use Latex. The conclusion was CSS couldn’t serve the imposition purpose, yet there some pitfalls in CSS.  The two girls didn’t came as there was had some urgent peice of work in college regarding fees, their work is pending :(. At last there was great discussion by Inder on how to work efficiently. He suggested to read the blogs, as it would enhance our knowledge, improving the speed of reading. He told to make proper schedules, to fix targets. Take 5 mins break after working for after every 25 minutes. We went into discussion of Lucid dreaming. It was a wonderful session:)))
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Hands On Kirt

Two girls under me are learning Web Development. I helped them to learn about Compass. I explained them whole workflow on notebook. This may seem spoon-feeding but just trying to give them kick start. For me it is way of motivating, just want to push them up once. I could read their faces and my sixth sense told me yes they would go and surely do something good. Also one day before I had a chat with Kamaljeet, she working on project Kirt. But she told me she was not able to get about angular.js and asked for a help. Even I wanted to learn this technology so I agreed and decided to work on it. Also we discussed the drawback that in Sass the image got stretched while making it responsive. We discussed the the transparent and Glossy layer too. But we too are not yet satsified with the background image.

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Day Dedicated to LaTeX

So my day commenced with checking the codes of my team mates that have not been examined the last night as I slept :P.  After doing so I deputized Ravina for doing imposition in Latex, asked her to prepare five .pdf files and proceed with their imposition. Dubey and Satwant were told to study the Souvenir files, to go through how the database is fetched. Ah! the most important, my party from Gagan obviously I couldn’t miss that so I went out with him. By the time I came back the presentation was already started by Gunpreet and Arun. I choose them for this presentation, little bit guided and they did a wonderful job. It was really beyond my expectations. Also Sir appreciated me and I was like Wahooo :P but what I know is I had an awesome feeling like I have achieved something. It is truely said ” Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”. Now I have assigned the next task to Amit and Ashu on LaTeX, eagerly waiting for his presentation too:)

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Bored From GUI? Okay Do LaTeX ;)

Today I realized that my team is bored working on the GUI part, they were just stuck on it.  From my point of view if anything is not done joyfully it would not shine as much as actually it should. So I recommended them to leave that part for some time and told them to try with something new like that of LaTeX. Yes, now I could see all of my trainees had glowing faces as now they have to catch something new. Their faces indicated that they are ready to take the new challenge and work with full momentum. I too gave them deadlines to accompilish their work It was not to put burden on them but when we want to rise up, we had to deal with such things, the most interesting part they met their deadlines and completed. Usually very few meet them but my team did:). The real joy given to me was by Ravina. I felt she was progressing quite slow so I motivated her a lot today and  my effort to motivate her was successfull. She was with her work at time. Exactly on 9:00 P.M, it’s just wonderful :)

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Restless :-/

I am unwell from the past two days. So I didn’t worked much. My Saturday output was just the completion of the sign up form and unfortunately Sunday: the day with no output :(

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